Principal Message


Isha Sharma

Principal, Patiala

India is at the forefront of the global revolution, and Education plays the key role of shaping the same. Gone are the days of the “Chalk and Talk” methodology and the impetus is on experiential learning and the mantra of Child centric education. Committed to this purpose, is Mount Litera Zee School- Patiala. It understands the unique learning potential of every child and has geared its Learning System to provide students with a better understanding of life skills and values

The Zee Learning System is based on the belief that locked within every child is the inherent potential for greatness. It identifies the specific skill set of every child and helps each one of them to derive motivation from within as well as from the environment. Using the most advanced audio, visual and anesthetic learning techniques, Mount Litera Zee School Patiala makes education effortless and effective. Mount Litera Zee Schools across India utilize the unique systematic methodology of the “

We at Mount Litera Zee School resonate to our tag line “Great School, Great Future”, and our young scholars are stimulated to explore their innate talents. With this as an invocation and a commitment , we, caretakers, facilitators , and, essentially all of us co- learners, welcome you to this mindful laboratory of learning- a universe that pulsates with the dreams and aspirations of each aspirant who is or aspires to be the new Gandhi, Ramanujam, Aryabhatta, Michael Angelo, CV Raman, Bismillah K