Academic Experience

Principal's Message



I am very proud to be the founder leader of a school which is built today with tomorrow in mind. We strongly believe that every student is unique, so is their learning. Teaching learning process at MLZS Patiala is student centered , project based and incorporates the multiple intelligence concept. While the general curriculum is followed by each student, they are also encouraged to develop talents and interests in academics , sports, theatre ,music and dance for which facilities are outstanding.

During my career as an educator in different schools I have witnessed many changes not only in the society we live in but in how we educate our students. Students require skills such as problem solving, interpreting and understanding, evaluating and applying information, communicating effectively,etc.

MLZS Patiala recognizes the importance of the development of digital citizenship and digital literacy skills also and has imbedded the development of these skills in all areas of curriculum .We provide our students with a variety of experiences both inside and outside of the classrooms with opportunities to learn by doing through multiple ways under the able guidance of skillful and motivated teachers. Our students develop the skills that they need to grow as students and to succeed to the very best of their abilities.

Regardless of whether you are an existing or prospective parent you can be confident that your child is or will be entering into an exciting and dynamic environment that provides a world class education.

Wish you all a very rewarding and successful experience at MLZS Patiala.